Brunswick Station

UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant in Brunswick, GA

UGA Marine Extension conducts education, outreach and research to enhance coastal environmental and economic sustainability.

Brunswick Station
715 Bay Street
Brunswick, GA 31520
Phone: (912) 264-7268 /
Fax: (912) 264-7312
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The University of Georgia’s Brunswick Station is located on a three-acre site on the banks of the Brunswick River.

The UGA Brunswick Station conducts applied research and offers technical assistance to enable practical, innovative solutions that protect marine resources and sustain local livelihoods.

Nationally known for its work with commercial fishermen and Turtle Exclusion Devices, the Brunswick Station also has renowned programs in fisheries, seafood and sustainable coastal development.

From working with local governments to helping shrimpers and fishermen remain productive and competitive, it provides diverse expertise to maximize the resilience and economic vitality of coastal communities.

The 16,300 square foot Brunswick Station facility includes:

  • conservation landscaping demonstration garden
  • large and small vessels
  • conference room (for scheduling information, call 912-264-7303)
  • water quality laboratory

Visit the Brunswick Station Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

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R/V Georgia Bulldog

The R/V Georgia Bulldog is the oldest and most well-known research vessel at UGA Marine Extension. The 72-foot shrimp boat has been converted into a multipurpose fishery research vessel.

Research projects in which the Bulldog has been involved include a wide array of traditional fishing techniques as well as new methodologies. The Bulldog also serves as an educational platform for college students and at regional seafood festivals.

Small Vessels

Two smaller powered vessels – a 23-foot Sea Ox with a forward cabin and a 21-foot Carolina Skiff – are available for water quality and inshore fishery research projects.

Demonstration Garden

Stroll through the living world of conservation landscaping in the EcoScapes Sustainable Landscaping Demonstration Garden.The Garden offers a variety of options for native plant landscaping in site-specific settings.

Conservation landscaping works with nature to reduce pollution while creating diverse landscapes that:

  • conserve water
  • protect clean water and air
  • support wildlife and their native habitat
  • provide a more beautiful, healthier human environment

The Garden is open to the public during regular business hours.

Lab Facilities

The Brunswick facility contains a variety of laboratories where collaborative research and experiential learning takes place. Our work often begins in the field with sample collection aboard one of several research vessels.

Whether samples are collected by UGA Marine Extension staff or delivered to the station by a client or collaborator, on-site chemical laboratories are equipped for measuring chlorophyll concentrations, biological oxygen demand (BOD), suspended solids and dissolved nutrient levels (e.g. nitrates and phosphates) in fresh or salt water samples. In the station’s microbiological laboratory, water samples can be tested for Enterococci, fecal coliform and E. coli bacteria.

The Brunswick facility is outfitted with a direct mercury analyzer, which is at the core of our successful mercury hair testing program. This goal of this program is to empower women in their childbearing years to eat seafood with confidence and avoid mercury risks.

Conference Room

The UGA Marine Extension conference room seats up to 40 people and is available for public use M-F from 9am-5pm. For scheduling information, call 912-264-7268.

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