Spring Internships

Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant provides internship opportunities for undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the state. These internships are geared towards students interested in expanding their practical experience through public service, outreach, education, communications and scientific research. Internships may be for credit, not for credit or paid.

Important Dates

Spring Deadline:
November 23, 2022

Questions? Email:

For Academic Credit: These non-paid internships give students an opportunity to get hands-on experience during the semester while earning credit through his/her institution. Students must see an academic advisor prior to submitting a pre-application for the internship. In order to receive credit at the end of his or her internship term, a student must complete a project that he or she has worked to develop with the intern supervisor.

Not For Academic Credit: These non-paid internships give students hands-on experience in the field of marine and environmental sciences. At the completion of the internship, the student must complete a presentation that shows what he/she has learned through the internship.

Spring Opportunities: 

How to Apply 

Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Nov. 23, 2022, via its online submission system, eSeaGrant, that can be accessed here https://eseagrant.uga.edu/index.php

Instructions for registering through eSeaGrant and filling out the application are available here: eSeaGrant Internship Application Instructions

 For questions about application submission and approval process or the eSG system, please email marineinternship@uga.edu. 

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