Adam Stemle recently joined UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant as the marine economics specialist. In his role, he will provide statewide leadership and coordination for developing, maintaining and evaluating a comprehensive marine economics and applied research economics program.

Stemle has been an avid fisherman, waterman, boater, diver, and surfer since childhood. His interest in the ocean desire to learn more about marine life and marine ecosystems shaped his education and professional career. In college, he studied environmental economics and management at the University of Georgia and earned his master’s in environmental and natural resource economics from the University of Rhode Island.

“I knew I wanted my life to be dedicated protecting and promoting the thing I love the most, but I wanted to figure out the most effective method of communicating these ideas,” says Stemle. “Economics provides the language of ‘value’ when communicating the importance of our marine resources.”

As he works to build Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant’s marine economics program, Stemle will work closely with seafood dealers, local governments and marine aquaculture operators to communicate the economic importance of Georgia’s coastal resources. Building stronger relationships with these audiences will help promote the sustainable use and conservation of these resources.

Prior to this role, Stemle worked for the North Carolina Department of Marine Fisheries as the Fisheries Economics Program Manager, which involved analyzing the economic and social effects of fisheries statutes, rules, and proclamations.