Halperns’ Steak and Seafood

4685 Welcome All Road
Atlanta, GA 30349
Customer service

Amberjack, Black Sea Bass, Catfish (freshwater), Cobia, Grouper, Grunt, Hogfish, King or Spanish Mackerel, Mahi-mahi, Red Porgy, American Shad, Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, Tilapia, Tilefish, Triggerfish, Trout (freshwater), Tuna, Wahoo, Shellstock Hard Clams, Shucked Hard Clams, Softshell Blue Crab, Blue Crab Meat, Stone Crab Claws, Shellstock Eastern Oysters, Shucked Eastern Oysters, Calico Scallops, Brown Shrimp, Rock Shrimp, Royal Red Shrimp, White Shrimp, Whelk, Alligator Meat, Breaded Clams, Breaded Fish, Breaded Shrimp, Crab Cakes, Deviled Crab, Cannonball Jellyfish, Shad Roe, Sturgeon Roe (Caviar), Smoked Seafood, Stuffed Seafood

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