Program Development Funding

Program Development projects are flexible and responsive, allowing Georgia Sea Grant to respond to changing situations or new research opportunities.


Each year, Georgia Sea Grant allocates part of its budget for small, targeted grants that fall under the category of Program Development funds. Program Development awards are typically less than $10,000. These awards are made to support immediate research on unanticipated coastal issues, emerging research needs or small-scale innovate research projects that may eventually develop into larger research projects.

These funds may be used to support workshops and educational opportunities that connect marine and coastal science to diverse audiences. Awards may also be made to early start-up projects that have the potential of becoming part of our four-year planning cycle. Program Development funds are highly limited and judiciously distributed.

To be successful for Program Development awards, applicants must address how their project aligns with the goals and objectives of Georgia Sea Grant’s Strategic Plan and clearly demonstrate a link between coastal and marine science in Georgia.

Submitting a Program Development Proposal

Interested applicants are encouraged to discuss their project ideas with the Georgia Sea Grant director Mark Risse (mrisse@uga.edu) or associate director Mona Behl (mbehl@uga.edu).

Applicants are required to submit proposals of no more than five pages to Mona Behl via email (mbehl@uga.edu). The proposals should include the following:

  • Applicant’s name, affiliation and contact information
  • Proposal narrative explaining the research problem or opportunity being addressed, project timeline and how the proposal addresses the goals and objectives of Georgia Sea Grant’s Strategic Plan
  • Budget detailing how the funds will be spent
  • Two-page resume

Proposal Submission and Review

Program Development projects are subjected to a “mini-review” by Georgia Sea Grant using the following criteria:

  • Alignment with Georgia Sea Grant’s Strategic Plan
  • Technical soundness of the proposal
  • Measurable impact on the state of Georgia
  • Timeliness and urgency of the proposed activity
  • Experience and qualifications of the investigator

All applicants will receive a response via email to their Program Development proposal submission. While Georgia Sea Grant will try to honor time-sensitive requests, please allow thirty days for funding decisions on Program Development awards.

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