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Achieving resilience through flexibility

November 19, 2021

María Mercedes Carruthers Ferrero

A love of law, science, and the coast led me to the Knauss Fellowship and my placement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Hazard Mitigation Planning Program. I am a UGA Law School graduate and am privileged to… Full story

A Gateway to Career Pathways

August 27, 2021

Cristin Alexi Archer, 2020-2021 Georgia State Sea Grant Fellow

In May of 2019, I graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in biology and environmental science. I had no idea what I wanted to do other than that it would relate to marine life. Now, I am in the… Full story

How parenthood prepared me for my Knauss Fellowship

August 23, 2021

Amara Davis, 2021-2022 Knauss Fellow

I have been and done many things, but this year as a Knauss Fellow has not only given me experience but has given me a change in perspective—about my work and about myself. My name is Amara Davis, and I’m… Full story

Taking a deeper dive into coastal, ocean and marine careers

August 4, 2021

Hannah Mone, 2021 PSO Student Scholar

When people hear of coastal, ocean, and marine career opportunities, many think of an aquarium employee or a marine biologist. However, there are many other careers beyond the scope of what initially comes to mind. Whether you are a scientific… Full story

Snakes of Georgia

July 16, 2021

Issac Murphree, 2020-2021 Marine Education Fellow

Communication on preparing, adapting and recovering

June 25, 2021

Meghan Angelina, 2020-2021 Georgia Sea Grant State Fellow

My experience as a Georgia Sea Grant State Fellow has shown me how diverse the field of marine science is, and how communicating with stakeholders of various backgrounds offers extraordinary results. To continue developing into a well-rounded biologist, I sought… Full story

Field experiences as a Marine Education Fellow

June 18, 2021

Natalia Jaworski, 2020-2021 Marine Education Fellow

The Marine Education Fellowship is full of adventures. No matter what niche marine interests you have, you can get a taste for almost all of them through this position. Without a doubt, this was the case for me. Coming from… Full story

Inspiring stewardship in a virtual space

June 8, 2021

Issac Murphree, 2020-2021 Marine Education Fellow

When I accepted the Marine Education Fellowship at Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant in the middle of a global pandemic, I was not sure what to expect. Usually, educators rely on in-person dialogue and exchange to effectively engage with… Full story

A research project with a side of community

April 13, 2021

Lauren Carroll, 2020-2021 Georgia Sea Grant Research Trainee

When I was an undergraduate, I experienced many great research opportunities outside of the classroom that took me from the Blue Hole in Belize to the Florida Keys. However, the opportunity that has always ranked highest was the summer I… Full story

Gaining new experiences as the Coastal Research and Extension Fellow

March 31, 2021

Isaiah K. Leach, 2020-2021 Coastal Research and Marine Extension Fellow

My name is Isaiah Leach, and I am the Coastal Research and Extension Fellow at UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant. The purpose of this fellowship is to give recent graduates, like myself, exposure to the variety of positions held… Full story

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