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A research project with a side of community

April 13, 2021

Lauren Carroll, 2020-2021 Georgia Sea Grant Research Trainee

When I was an undergraduate, I experienced many great research opportunities outside of the classroom that took me from the Blue Hole in Belize to the Florida Keys. However, the opportunity that has always ranked highest was the summer I… Full story

Clichè or not, it’s all about the climb

March 10, 2021

Raven Hurt, 2020-2021 Georgia Sea Grant Research Trainee

To know me is to understand that music is my outlet and biology is my passion. I often find myself going back to the lyrics of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” to reminisce on the very journey that has brought me… Full story

What’s a town to dune? How Tybee Island is using native plants to stabilize sand dunes

February 23, 2021

Shannon Matzke, 2020-2021 Georgia Sea Grant Graduate Research Trainee

Halloween 2020 found me crouched in the sand dunes on Tybee Island trying to record accretion measurements while 25 mph winds howled and swirled the sand around me. As it turns out, trying to do field work that day wasn’t… Full story

Hot and sour: How climate change is affecting oyster reef ecology

March 15, 2020

Alex Draper, 2019-2020 Georgia Sea Grant Research Trainee

No, crab soup is not on the menu. In fact, our shifting climate might change what you find on your plate at a seafood restaurant in the near future. I am a Ph. D. candidate in biology at the Georgia… Full story

Show me your (ribbed) mussels

February 24, 2020

William Annis, 2019-2020 Georgia Sea Grant Research Trainee

Growing up, when I would dream about becoming a marine biologist, I always pictured myself in far off tropical places. The last thing I imagined was being waist deep in mud. However, as a marine biologist working in salt marshes,… Full story

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