Student Blog

Finding Meaning in the Marsh: History

March 21, 2023

Historians pay close attention to the people, events, interactions, and changes surrounding a particular place. In this way, historians “see” coastal ecosystems through the lives of the people that lived here before them – understanding the key people and major… Full story

Finding Meaning in the Marsh: Art

March 11, 2023

Take time to look around and practice being present in the landscape while observing color in the marsh. Landscape artists seek connections to place through careful observation of time and light.  This Marsh walk with Kip Bradley, a local landscape… Full story

Finding Meaning in the Marsh: Photography

March 2, 2023

Photographers are keenly aware of light, dark, angles and space. They, quite literally, view the salt marsh through a different lens. We want you to see what photographers see! Join UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant educators and our… Full story

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