UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant coordinated a special issue of Current: The Journal of Marine Education, supported in part by the University of Georgia Office of Public Service and Outreach. Edited by Mare Timmons, Georgia Sea Grant internship director, this special issue highlights how the University of Georgia engages communities and creates effective education programs, using current research to help solve contemporary problems. The edition includes the work of 17 co-authors and it emphasizes how UGA links teaching, research and service to create collaborations across the United States.

Current is the peer-reviewed journal of the National Marine Education Association, a network of classroom teachers, informal educators, university professors, scientists, and more from 17 countries around the world working together to advance the understanding and protection of our freshwater and marine ecosystems.

Published four times per year, Current explores the latest in marine and aquatic education research, ocean literacy, classroom and free-choice learning activities, marine science, art, maritime history and literature.


Welcome Letter from Dr. Jennifer L. Frum, Vice President for Public Service and Outreach at the University of Georgia

The Mystery of Black Gill: Shrimpers in the South Atlantic Face Off with a Cryptic Parasite
by Jill M. Gambill, Allison E. Doyle, Richard F. Lee, Ph.D., Patrick J. Geer, Anna N. Walker, Ph.D., Lindsey G. Parker, and Marc E. Frischer, Ph.D.

Catch the Funding Wave: Grant Writing for Science Teachers
by Bruce Sliger, Ed.D.

Evolution of Citizen Scientist Monitoring Program
by Steve Morton, Ph.D., Mare Timmons, Ph.D., Mary Sweeney-Reeves, M.S., and Aletha Dunlavy

Teaching about the Ocean and Coasts with the National Climate Assessment
by Mona Behl, Ph.D., J. Scott Carley, Ph.D., Rachel Connolly, and Frank Niepold

Make Marine Science Memories with Paper Plate Awards
by Anne M. Lindsay

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