Coastal Awareness and Responsible Ecotourism Certification

The Coastal Awareness and Responsible Ecotourism (CARE) certification program encourages sustainable tourism on the Georgia coast.

The CARE certification program is a four-week blended learning opportunity designed for individuals working in coastal, water-based tourism including but not limited to paddle outfitters and charter boat companies.

The program, launched in 2021 by Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant and Manomet, Inc., provides ecotour companies with the tools to implement best practices when it comes to water-based tourism. Engaging ecotourism companies through a certification course will build support for conservation and stewardship of important habitats and wildlife on the coast.

Get Involved!

The next certification program will be offered in February-March 2023. Registration will be open in January 2023.

Contact Katie Higgins at kt.higgins@uga.edu.

The Coastal Awareness and Responsible Ecotourism certification program was developed through a Coastal Incentive Grant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Coastal Resources Division.


Participants who have completed the certification program can access the course materials here.


Certified CARE Guides 

Certified CARE guides include affiliates of ecotour providers from all along the coast of Georgia. The guides that have completed the CARE certification program can be found in the map below.

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