The University of Georgia Marine Education Center and Aquarium on Skidaway Island has implemented a new underwater camera in our exhibits. This underwater camera made by CCTV Camera World will allow researchers and visitors to better observe the behavior of aquarium animals, stream live video of aquarium activities online, capture underwater imagery that enhances aquarium exhibits and augment visual aids used in educational programs.

Over 18,000 people visit the UGA Aquarium each year, making it a popular site in Savannah for school and family outings.

Technology is improving at a fast pace, and there are new innovative cameras, like the one implemented at the UGA Aquarium, that provide a unique perspective into the lives of our aquarium animals while increasing public awareness and interaction with marine species found on the Georgia coast.

The UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium is part of Marine Extension, a Public Service and Outreach unit at the University of Georgia.