Sixteen The Flying Debris children’s books have been donated to Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks School District, one for each elementary school and the Doylestown Library. The books were requested by Alexis Matt, who was the fifth-grade teacher of Ed Hose, co-author and illustrator of The Flying Debris.

Each will contain a CD with an electronic version of the book with teaching points and animal sounds, and the Reading Between the Lines: Marine Debris Education Program activity booklet, developed by UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant with funding from Southeast Atlantic Marine Debris Initiative.

“The students who attend these schools often spend time along the New Jersey or Delaware coasts, and these coastal areas are plagued with the same problems as Georgia,” Matt said. “I helped write a unit for our district on Clean Streams which involves stream studies and visits to our local Water Purification Plant. I also think it would be wonderful for CBSD students to see how well Ed Hose has done after graduating from their school district.”