The Southern Scene, a news show on Savannah’s WSAV station, ran a story in September featuring Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, one of 14 protected marine sanctuaries in the country. This is the only reef of its kind off the coast of Georgia, and it encompasses quite the diverse marine life.

According to the segment, one of the newest additions to the reef, the lionfish, is actually somewhat of a threat to the other fish. The lionfish is predatory with several venomous spines, and its presence in the reef appears to be accidental. The UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium provided videos of their lionfish tank, which is the safest way to view the beautiful animal, as it is also harmful to humans.

The video was used to promote the Sept. 24 event, “A Fishy Affair: Malicious…but Delicious,” a benefit for the sanctuary’s foundation, which featured the UGA Aquarium lionfish tank and a full meal, with lionfish as the main course.

You can view the entire Southern Scene show below, or go to the following link to see it: