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Making waves in conservation: Youth Ocean Conservation Summit 2018

Mandy Castro, 2017-18 Georgia Sea Grant Marine Education Intern

In early October, my fellow Sea Grant Marine Education Interns and I sat down with Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant’s educator, Mare Timmons, who gave us a binder filled with important documents and resources from previous Youth Ocean Conservation… Full story

Shore protection for a sure tomorrow: Legal fellow applies lessons from law school to regional environmental issues

Julia Shelburne, 2017-18 Georgia Sea Grant Legal Fellow

As a Georgia Sea Grant Legal Fellow, I have the opportunity to synthesize my foundation in environmental science with my legal training. I admire how Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant embodies the “Think Globally, Act Locally” approach to environmental… Full story

Smooth sailing for the new Marine Education Interns

Victoria Green, 2017-18 Georgia Sea Grant Marine Education Intern

Victoria Green, 2017-18 Georgia Sea Grant Marine Education Intern..  Full story

Who knew trash could be so inspiring?

Aria Colangelo, Water Quality Intern

In fall of 2015, I moved to Brunswick, Ga., to begin my journey at the College of Coastal Georgia as a coastal ecology major. I had always found coastal ecosystems fascinating, and therefore chose this major as a way to… Full story

Putting aquarium husbandry skills to the test

Kira Krall, 2016-2017 Georgia Sea Grant Marine Education Intern

When I’m not educating K-12 grade students about ecology or natural history, part of my Sea Grant marine education internship at that UGA Marine Education Center and Aquarium includes assisting the aquarium curators in caring for the animals. I enjoy… Full story

When the shoe is on the other foot

Jonathan Savarese, 2016-2017 Georgia Sea Grant Marine Education Intern

I am a Georgia Southern graduate with a bachelor’s degree in biology. My interest while in school was heavily focused on marine ecology and ichthyology, the study of fishes. Knowledge in those subjects and a history of camp and afterschool… Full story

There is always more to learn

Megha Kalia

This year marks my last year as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia! As a senior, I thought that I had a complete understanding of the organizations and community service offered at UGA, but during my last two semesters… Full story

Georgia Sea Grant legal fellow tackles legal issues related to sea level rise

Paul Wildes

My name is Paul Wildes and I’m currently a third-year law student at the University of Georgia. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental economics and management from UGA. During my undergrad classes I was introduced to the topics of… Full story

Devotion to the Ocean: Savannah YOCS 2017

McKenna Lyons

McKenna Lyons, a 2016-2017 UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant marine education intern, shares her experience of planning and participating in a Youth Ocean Conservation Summit…  Full story

Salt Marsh Madness

Jessica Hernandez,, 2015 - 2016 Georgia Sea Grant Marine Education Intern

I hop on one foot as I try to free the periwinkle snails that have fallen into my boots; all the while mud oozes into my socks and salt marsh cordgrass tickles the backs of my knees. Yep, it must… Full story

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